19 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved Closed Beta Testing Sign up

  1. Rafael Mota

    If you could send me a key to test it i could help to report some early acces gliches and other stuff!!
    And i’ve been seeing a lot of videos lately and i kind of love the game, but to convince my friends to buy it aswell i need a key so they can test it in my PC.
    Please send me one.

  2. Vladimir

    It’s amazing game with realy big potential. I’d like to test this one very much and can give some analitic information about craft- and fight-systems.

  3. Ilona

    I’m not a tester, I didn’t really think of taking a screenshot, because alpha and beta games are new to me. But I played for the Steam free weekend today and killed a Phiomia stuck between two big rocks. And it just disappeared. Hacked the rocks away-still no saber-pig. 😀


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