Get a free Steam key for Pressure


Get a free Steam key for Pressure. Just sign up on DLH.Net and get your free games!

Race, Ram & Blast!Pressure is a unique combination of breakneck racing-action and arcade styled shoot’em up in a steampunk world filled with crazy characters and funky humor.As Morgan jumps into the river to take a refreshing bath, he lands hard and dusty: The river has vanished!

First, go to and then Login or Sign up for a free account here. Register (If you don’t have one yet)

Next, Sign in and go to Steam Keys. Search for Pressure on Steam Keys received from DLH: and then click on the button “Like.

Click on the red icon.

Allow this app on Facebook.

Click on the button “Get your Steam Game here.

Verify Captcha.

Click on the button “Get your Steam Game here.

Now, your key is ready. To redeem the key, Just open up your Steam client, and right click on the button “ADD A GAME” (in the lower left corner). Then select “Activate a product on Steam” and enter your key.

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