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Get Titanfall Season Pass for FREE on Origin


Get Titanfall Season Pass for FREE on Origin. You can add to your account even if you do not have the base game.

Stand by for Titanfall.

Get the Titanfall Season Pass and extend the fight on the Frontier with new content packs. The entire galaxy is your battleground with the all-new maps in all three expansions: Expedition, Frontier’s Edge and IMC Rising. Hone your Pilot and Titan skills either going solo or in intense multiplayer combat.

Season Pass Includes:

DLC Pack 1: Expedition
Featuring three all-new maps: Swamplands, Runoff and Wargames, set on new worlds across the Frontier.


DLC Pack 2: Frontier’s Edge
Featuring three all-new maps: Dig Site, Export and Haven, on the far reaches of the Frontier.

DLC Pack 3: IMC Rising
Featuring three all-new maps: Zone 18, Backwater and Sandtrap, on decommissioned bases and hidden colonies throughout the Frontier.


First, go to Titanfall Season Pass for PC Download | Origin Games and then click on the button “Add to cart“.


Click on “Proceed to checkout“.


Sign in , accept the Term of Sale and click on “Pay Now“.




Your Titanfall Season Pass is ready. Titanfall Season Pass also apply to Titanfall (Origin Game Time).

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