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Krog Wars


A new action game that can be played in 2D mode or 3D mode. A bounty hunter out for krog credits, it’s your mission to destroy everything the universe has to throw at you. Complete bonus rounds to rack up tons of krog credits and use them to purchase ship upgrades and special attacks.


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Date Name Get it Status
2016-11-20 Krog Wars 50k Mega Giveaway Get it! In Stock
2016-11-10 Krog Wars Steam Key Get it! In Stock
2016-06-29 Krog Wars Giveaway Get it! ENDED
2016-06-07 Krog Wars Mega Giveaway 6/7 Get it! ENDED
2016-05-08 Krog Wars Mega Giveaway Get it! ENDED
2016-04-30 Krog Wars 25,000 Mega Giveaway Get it! ENDED
2016-04-23 Digital Homicide’s Krog Wars Giveaway Get it! ENDED
Downloadable content (DLC) / Steam
เนื้อหานี้ต้องการเกมหลัก บน Steam ในการเล่น
(This content requires the base game on Steam in order to play.)
Date Name Get it Status
2016-06-23 Krog Wars – Space Techno Music Player (DLC) Get it! Active