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The Slaughtering Grounds


The Slaughtering Grounds delivers a constant intense experience while tossing in comical use of excessive physics and blood for those Laugh out loud moments. Never a shortage of zombies to slay and random events are happening all the time. Play single player or 64 player arena FFA’s.


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Date Name Get it Status
2016-10-08 Slaughtering Grounds Get it! In Stock
2016-07-25 The Slaughtering Grounds Giveaway Get it! ENDED
2016-06-20 Lightning Giveaway Slaughtering Grounds Get it! ENDED
2016-05-06 Slaughtering Grounds Mega Giveaway Get it! ENDED
2016-02-28 The Slaughtering Grounds 5000 Key Giveaway Get it! ENDED
2016-02-26 The Slaughtering Grounds 500 Key Giveaway Get it! ENDED
Downloadable content (DLC) / Steam
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Date Name Get it Status
2016-06-23 The Slaughtering Grounds – Cartoon Horror Music Player (DLC) Get it! Active