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Wyatt Derp 2: Peacekeeper


Wyatt Derp 2 is a brand new action game with a new look on the original with more influence from a top down view perspective for those who really enjoyed games like gunsmoke. You play Wyatt Derp a ruthless lawman out for justice! Journey through the wild west blasting through towns and shooting holes into every criminal around.

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Full Game / Steam Key
Date Name Get it Status
2016/11/20 Wyatt Derp 2 Peacekeeper 50k Mega Giveaway Get it! ENDED
2016/10/17 Wyatt Derp 2 Peacekeeper Get it! ENDED
2016/09/24 Wyatt Derp 2 Get it! ENDED
2016/07/27 Wyatt Derp 2 Mega Giveaway Get it! ENDED
2016/06/23 Wyatt Derp 2 Get it! ENDED
Downloadable content (DLC) / Steam
เนื้อหานี้ต้องการเกมหลัก บน Steam ในการเล่น
(This content requires the base game on Steam in order to play.)
Date Name Get it Status
2016/06/23 Wyatt Derp 2 – Western Country Music Player (DLC) Get it! Active