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How to get PAYDAY 2 DLC for FREE [Australian Only]


How to get PAYDAY 2 DLC for FREE! This is only work for Australian.

For people who live outside Australia, you need to buy or pre-purchase Hotline Miami 2 in order to unlock these DLCs which will be available on March 10th..

Regular Edition comes with;


– A copy of Hotline Miami 2 of course
6 more masks from the Hotline Miami 2 universe, including the much demanded ‘Biker’ helmet
5 Gallons of Hypefuel
– A mint on your pillow (im out of mints, sorry)

Special Edition comes with;

– A copy of Hotline Miami 2 of course
The masks from the Regular Edition
10 Gallons of Hypefuel
Free access to the Jacket Character Pack, which has his mask, a playable Jacket, his own SMG, melee weapon and perk deck
Jacket’s SMG also includes mods

For Australian, you can get some DLCs for FREE! (Not sure which one or both.)

I live in Australia and Hotline Miami 2 is banned here. How can I enjoy this content for PAYDAY 2?

Tricky one this, but…Those of you who are Australians are free to send an e-mail to with the subject line “Australian Heister calling in”. In the e-mail, please attach a scanned copy of your passport or ID that identifies you as an Australian. You will then be sent a special code that unlocks the content to you for free.

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  • August 7, 2015 at 3:52 am

    i shouldn’t have to put my passport up and scan it for everybody and its not fair I cant get jacket for payday 2 because I live in Australia.


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